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Weight Loss After Tube Stomach Surgery

Weight Loss After Tube Stomach SurgerySleeve gastrectomy operations are considered as one of the obesity surgery operations that cause the most weight loss, and this statement is confirmed as a result of the follow-ups on those who have sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

Patients who completely change their diet and start exercising after the recovery period after surgery can lose weight very quickly. Especially the first 6 months after the surgery is considered as the period in which patients lose the most weight.

How much weight patients will lose in their post-operative life may vary depending on their diet, exercise, lifestyle and how much they can change their old habits. Patients are expected to lose approximately 70% of their excess weight 18 months after surgery.

However, as we just mentioned, there are many factors that affect the weight loss process; The patient's age, general health, and stability can make this process more productive or inefficient.

Prohibitions After Gastric Sleeve Surgery
All behaviors that will prolong the recovery period after sleeve gastrectomy or prevent the patient from losing weight should be avoided. If it is necessary to reduce these prohibitions to the six-month period, which is the period in which the fastest weight loss is required after the surgery;

Acidic and carbonated drinks should not be consumed.
Alcohol should not be used.
Very cold or very hot drinks and foods should be avoided.
Very spicy and spicy foods should not be preferred.
No smoking.
Fatty and sugary foods should not be eaten.
Doctors specify the rules to be followed after the surgery to the patients. These rules may vary from patient to patient and additional prohibitions may be imposed according to the patient's health status.

Recovery After Gastric Sleeve Surgery
The recovery period after sleeve gastrectomy surgery has been shortened considerably thanks to the developing surgical techniques. After closed sleeve gastrectomy, patients can return to their homes after staying in the hospital for 2-3 days. They can start driving a week after the surgery, and they can go back to work about 2 weeks after the surgery.

A period of 4-6 weeks is required for full recovery and closure of wounds after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Patients who fulfill the nutritional conditions determined by the doctors during the recovery period and do not violate the prohibitions can get through the postoperative period without any problems.

The operation they undergo can cause patients to be stressed both physically and psychologically. If patients do not deviate from their goals and adapt to what needs to be considered after sleeve gastrectomy surgery, they can return to their daily lives in a short time.

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