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How Should We Eat While Receiving Chemotherapy?

How Should We Eat While Receiving Chemotherapy?Chemotherapy is drugs used to kill cancer cells.

A healthy diet during chemotherapy will help reduce side effects. With a healthy diet, your energy and resistance are preserved and you feel better. Your nutrient stores and body weight are preserved, so you can better tolerate the side effects of treatment, your risk of infection is reduced, and your recovery is accelerated. Cancer Patients should consume fresh and daily home-cooked meals. They should stay away from packaged foods. Excessively oily foods and fried foods should be avoided. We should consume plenty of water. Instead of cafes and black tea, we should turn to herbal teas. Prefer pressure cooker for cooking. We should not consume extremely cold and hot foods. Eat little and often because of loss of appetite. Let's take care of natural nutrition as much as possible. Let's consume yoghurt, soup and liquid foods. Acidic drinks should be avoided. Let's pay attention to the consumption of plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Stay away from alcohol and cigarette consumption. Distribute vegetables, legumes, red meat, white meat (chicken, fish) evenly on the days of the week.

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