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What to Eat For Biotin Deficiency?

What to Eat For Biotin Deficiency?Learn more about Biotin Deficiency

What to Eat For Biotin Deficiency?
The origin of the word biotin comes from the ancient Greek word biotis, which means life. Biotin, also known as vitamin H and vitamin B7, is used to convert the nutrients we consume into energy. It is an important vitamin for our body. Biotin is especially important for liver health, nervous system, hair health and eye health. Since biotin is found in many different types of food, its deficiency is rare.

What Foods Contain Biotin?
• Among the foods that contain biotin are the following Decients:…
•             Liver,
•             Apple,
•             yolk),
•             Carrot,
•             Banana,
•             Cheese,
•             Yeast,
• Green leafy plants,
* Nuts such as almonds, peanuts, walnuts,
* Nut butter,
* Soybeans and other legumes,
•             Tomato,
* Cereals,
•             Cauliflower,
• Types of mushrooms.
In order to benefit from the highest amount of biotin in food, it is necessary to consume foods of plant origin raw or undercooked. In the same way, cooking foods that need to be cooked more than necessary causes the biotin value to decrease.

How Is Biotin Used?   
Biotin is used in pills, tablets, as well as forms added to some shampoo-like products. The recommended daily consumption amount for tablets is a total of 30 micrograms. Since you can already get this amount with your daily food, you should not take  biotin supplements unless prescribed by a doctor. There may be some health problems that cause biotin to be taken externally, but the determination of this condition should definitely be made by a physician.
If biotin is requested to be used by a doctor, the currently used drugs should be notified to the doctor. Otherwise, the supplement you are taking may interact with other drugs, causing undesirable consequences.
Since biotin is soluble in water, its excess is excreted from the body through urine. However, this does not mean that excess biotin will not harm your health. The possible effects of excess biotin include skin irritation, rash, nausea, digestive problems and problems with kidney health ..
So, what is the use of biotin?
What are the Benefits of Biotin?
It Can Strengthen Your Nails: One of the most obvious signs of nail health is strong, non-brittle nails. The reasons why nails become brittle also include biotin Deciency. If biotin, which is taken incompletely by paying attention to nutrition, is replaced, fragility and weakness in the nails can be eliminated. Biotin-added nail care products can also contribute to strengthening your nails against this problem.
It Can Strengthen Your Hair: Biotin deficiency may be the cause of your weak and unhealthy hair. In people with biotin deficiency, the hair becomes weak. Hair loss may occur due to this weakness. If you consume foods rich in biotin by paying attention to your daily diet, you can reduce the problems you have with your hair. Just like in nail care, there are many products that contain biotin in hair care. You can contribute to your hair health by taking advantage of these products.
It can Support Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: The level of biotin in the body may decrease during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The reason for this is that the human body breaks down the vitamin faster during pregnancy. A slight decrease in biotin during pregnancy does not cause any problems. However, you can close your deficit by eating a biotin-rich diet in this process. If you are thinking of taking biotin supplements other than food, you should definitely consult a doctor first.
It can Balance Blood Sugar in Type 2 Diabetics: The lack of biotin seen in people with Type 2 Diabetes problems can damage the blood sugar balance. According to studies, the intake of biotin and chromium picolinate can contribute to the prevention of insulin resistance. More research is needed on this issue. According to another study, biotin contributes to the prevention of kidney damage experienced in patients with Type 1 diabetes. More studies are also needed on this possible benefit of biotin.
It Can Improve Skin Health: The appearance of rash-like skin problems in people with biotin deficiency encourages scientists to Decipher the link between biotin and skin health. It is believed that this effect is due to the contribution of biotin to fat metabolism.
It Can Contribute to the Fight against Multiple Sclerosis (MS): In MS, the covering called myelin, which is responsible for protecting nerve fibers, is damaged. Biotin can contribute to the healing of this protective layer. This effect of bioitinine is also supported by scientific studies.

Symptoms of Biotin Deficiency
Biotin deficiency is usually observed in people who consume a large amount of raw eggs. In the white of the egg there is a protein called avidin. This protein interferes with the absorption of biotin, and thus biotin deficiency may occur in these people. Since biotin is produced in the intestines through bacteria, biotin deficiency can also occur in people with intestinal health problems.

We can list other causes of biotin deficiency as follows:
* Congenital biotin deficiency,
* Some medications used are beta blockers, blood thinners and some other drugs,
* High consumption of alcohol,
* Cirrhosis disease,
•             Pregnancy.
Among the symptoms of biotin Deciency are the following:
* Thin and brittle hair,
* Redness, flaking and rash on the skin and often in the facial area,
* Skin dryness,
* Weak and flimsy nails
•             Conjunctivitis,
* Delusions,
* Feeling of burnout,
•             Depression,
* Numbness in the arm and leg areas.

When symptoms similar to biotin deficiency symptoms are observed, the reason behind these symptoms should be found first. Since biotin deficiency is rare, other health problems may be behind the problems experienced. For this reason, turning to biotin supplementation without a doctor's decision may delay the treatment of your other possible problems.

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