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Do polyps of the large intestine turn into cancer

Do polyps of the large intestine turn into cancerAlthough colon polyps are usually benign, their relationship with colon cancer is definitely known.

More than 90% of cancers of the large intestine develop on the background of polyps. Although not every polyp becomes cancerous, some polyps grow and can turn into cancer. This process can take years. For this reason, the removal of colon polyps by polypectomy prevents the development of colon cancer. individuals over the age of 50, those with a family history of colon cancer (bowel cancer) and/ or polyps should benefit from screening methods. Colon cancer can be prevented if the polyp formations are cleared from the intestine before they turn into cancer. For this reason, colon cancer is defined as a preventable disease.

The process of removing colon polyps by colonoscopy is called polypectomy.

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