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Pica Syndrome: What is It and Why Does It Happen?

Pica Syndrome: What is It and Why Does It Happen?Pica is the desire to eat substances that have little nutritional value. In most pregnancies and Pica syndrome, they have a desire to eat non-food items such as dirt and chalk.

The word pika comes from Latin and means “magpie”, a bird that eats everything it finds. Most women have an eating crisis when they are pregnant, but these crises usually happen for foods such as ice cream and pickles.
Pica crises usually occur in children, and 25-30% of children have this syndrome. In pregnant women, this rate is less.

Why does Pica syndrome occur during pregnancy?
The reason why women have pica crises is not known for sure. However, according to the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, these crises may have a connection with iron deficiency. According to some, the reason why women get into pica crises is that the body tries to get vitamins and minerals that it cannot get enough with normal nutrition by other means.
Pica crises can also be a harbinger of a physical or mental illness that does not manifest itself.
Pregnancy and Pica Crises
The most commonly craved substances during pregnancy are dirt, clay and laundry coke.
Other pica crises are:
* Burnt matches
* Stones
* Coffee grounds
* Cigarette ashes

Does the Pica Crisis Harm the Baby?
Definitely Eating non-food items will harm both you and your baby. Pica crises are risky, as these substances may contain poisons or parasites.

How to Fight Pika?
Don't panic, what you are experiencing is normal. Most importantly, inform your doctor about the situation so that you are also aware of the risks associated with your crises.
Some suggestions for dealing with your pica crises:
* Notify your doctor and review your prenatal health records.
* Observe your intake of iron, vitamins and minerals.
* Use alternatives such as sugar-free chewing gum for your eating crises.
* Tell a friend about your crises and ask him to help you stay away from non-food items.
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