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What is Sugar Loading in Pregnancy?

What is Sugar Loading in Pregnancy?Patients who have not previously had diabetes and have a disorder in sugar metabolism during pregnancy for the first time are defined as gestational diabetes or gestational diabetes/gestational diabetes, as it is often known.

For this purpose, from 24 to 28 weeks of pregnancy, “50 Dec. Glucose Screening Test” is applied. For this test, 50 g at any time, regardless of whether he is hungry or full. 1 hour after drinking glucose-containing water, the expectant mother's blood sugar (venous plasma glucose level) is checked.

100 g for pregnant women whose blood sugar is detected at or above 140 mg/dL. OGTT (Oral glucose tolerance test) is performed. With 100 g of glucose for three hours, the test needs to be redone. after 3 hours of loading, it is determined definitively whether the expectant mother has gestational sugar or not.

After the sugar loading test to be done to the expectant mother, excessive physical activity should not be done and nothing should be eaten during this process. These are important for the correct result of the sugar loading test.

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