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What is fluorosis?

What is fluorosis?Permanent teeth continue to develop in the jawbone under the gums in early childhood. All permanent teeth, except wisdom teeth, complete their appearance at the age of 8 years.

If too much fluoride is taken in childhood, formation disorders may develop in the enamel layer that forms the outer surface of the teeth. This disorder; It can be seen in different ways from very little discoloration to surface defects. Excess fluoride does not affect other parts of the teeth. Once it has rubbed on the teeth, there is no chance of fluorosis. Fluorosis, which is a cosmetic condition and not a disease, can often be noticed by dentists.

What are the symptoms of fluorosis?
Teeth with mild fluorosis; may give few symptoms or be understood only by dentists. We see that white lines and dot formations develop from mild to moderate intensity. The situation is different in severe fluorosis. In the teeth, pitting and brown, gray, black spots and enamel formation disorders are encountered.

What are the ways to prevent fluorosis?
• If you have a child younger than 6 years old, add a pea-sized amount of toothpaste to the toothbrush and allow them to brush their teeth. Be careful not to swallow the paste and spit it out. Do not choose to use flavored toothpastes that will cause them to swallow.
• Additional fluorine tablets may be recommended for children who do not have enough fluoride in their drinking water. If your child is taking these tablets, do not skip checking the fluoride ratio in the drinking water. After learning this rate, ask your dentist if there is a need to use additional fluorine tablets.
• Some foods contain fluorine. For example, many juices and soft drinks have as much flora as fluoridated water. Some bottled waters have extra fluorine added. Young children should drink such drinks in small quantities.

How is fluorosis treated?

There are treatment options for fluorosis that develops in teeth that are too rare to be treated and that are not visible in the posterior region. In cases that are more serious or involve the front teeth; Different methods such as teeth whitening and removing layers from the surfaces of the teeth can be applied. In severe fluorosis cases, direct composite restorations, porcelain laminates and crown veneers are preferred.

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