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What is leukemia

What is leukemiaLeukemia is a type of cancer that manifests itself with the overgrowth of blood cells, especially white blood cells.

Leukemias are cancers that affect the blood production system (lymphatic system and bone marrow) in the body. Leukemias are classified as acute or chronic (subdivided according to their appearance under the microscope) and according to the extent and development of the tumor. In general, acute leukemias occur in children, while chronic leukemias tend to occur more in adults. There are types of blood cancer according to the cell type (such as myeloid, lymphoid) and the duration of the disease (acute, chronic).
Although there are different types of leukemia, the most common symptoms are as follows;
• Large palpable lymph node (especially in the armpit or neck)
• Fever of unknown cause
• Night Sweating
• Frequent Recurring Infections
• Ongoing weakness, fatigue
• Bleeding and bruises that occur spontaneously or easily on the skin
• unexplained fever
• Pain in the body, especially in the bones and joints

Risk factors
Factors defined as risk factors are those that increase the probability of developing a disease. However, the point that should be mentioned here is that; The fact that a person has one or more risk factors does not necessarily mean that that person will develop that cancer/or disease. There are people who have risk factors but do not develop disease/cancer.
Although the cause of the development of leukemia is not known, the known risk factors are;
• Very high level of radiation exposure, such as atomic bombs,
• Some chemicals (like Benzene)
• Having a history of chemotherapy or radiotherapy
• Some genetic disorders (such as Down Syndrome)
• Having certain blood diseases such as myelodysplastic syndrome
• Cigaret
• Family history
The most commonly used diagnostic methods in the diagnosis of leukemia are;
• Blood tests
• Bone marrow biopsy,


Treatment schemes vary according to the types and stages of the disease. Radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and bone marrow transplantation are the main treatment modalities.

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