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What is the biological clock setting

What is the biological clock settingThe daily, i.e. 24-hour periods are called the ”Biological Clock". For example, for a regular person, the waking time is the same, without any external influences.

The body constantly keeps it in balance. The biological clock also ensures the hormonal balance of living beings and Tues when to release.
Here are the biological clocks according to research:
06.00: The metabolism revives with the secreted cortisone hormone and wakes up alive.
07.00: Sports should not be done during these hours because the body is not at full strength. Since the digestive organs work well at this time, it is the most correct thing to have a nice breakfast.
08.00: Cigarettes smoked at this time do more harm than normal.
09.00: Hours when the body is vigorous. The optimal time for a needle or X-ray.
10.00: Efficiency is at the highest level, the organism is ready for action. The body has reached its highest temperature, and memory for a short time is creative and dynamic. However, infarction is common between 10.00-12.00 Dec.
11.00: It is the hour when our body is in full form. The heart and circulation are so fit that it can be overlooked if there is a disorder in the heart during examinations. In addition, at this time, our mind works quickly, and especially account work can be done without difficulty.
12.00: Attention decreases, sleep presses. The body's need for rest manifests itself. The acid in the stomach becomes more, the blood in the brain decreases. According to statistics, it happens that infarction is 30% less common in people who can sleep a midday nap.
13.00: This is the hour when the body falls out of shape. Productivity is 20 percent below the daily average. While all organs are working at the lowest level, bile is at work to digest the food eaten at noon.
14.00: Exhaustion is felt as blood pressure and hormone levels decrease. Those with dental phobia should make an appointment at this time. Because at this time the pain is felt less.
15.00: The energy has returned, the memory is in full form. Although it is less than in the morning, the body approaches the second efficiency.
16.00 : The best time for sports. Blood pressure and circulation are in very good condition. The effect of drugs that prevent stomach acid is more efficient at this time.
17.00: The activity of the organs is at a high level. The strength of the body increases. The kidneys, the bladder work a lot. The amount of acid in the stomach increases during these hours. Those with stomach ulcers beware, the risk of gastric bleeding increases towards 17.00.
18.00: The best time for dinner. The pancreas is especially active at this time. The liver is more resistant to alcohol than ever.
19.00: Blood pressure and pulse become lazy. Therefore, caution should be exercised about drugs that lower blood pressure. The degree of influence of drugs acting on the nervous system is also high.
20.00: The level of fat in the liver decreases, and the used blood flows back to the heart more than usual. This is the best time for allergy sufferers and asthmatics to take their medication. At this time, the effect of antibiotics also increases.
21.00: The daily task of the digestive organs ends. Pay attention to food activities, everything eaten remains undigested in the stomach until the morning.
22.00: This is the time when white blood cells are very active at this time. It is also very suitable for drugs that need to be reduced in number. The danger of infection increases when these drugs are taken at the wrong time. Smokers should also smoke their last cigarette because the body excretes nicotine and similar poisons more difficult.
23.00: It is the time of full rest. The organism stops releasing stress hormones, which are actively in activity all day. The most favorable moments for calming down and relaxing begin. Blood pressure and body temperature drop.
24.00: Skin cells work non-stop while we sleep. the first dream phase begins at this time.
01.00: The body programs itself to sleep. Since our productivity decreases to the lowest level and attention decreases, the probability of employees making mistakes at this time, work and traffic accidents increases.
02.00: The sense of sight and reflexes weaken. That is why most of the traffic accidents happen at this time. The body is extremely sensitive to cold.
03.00: The secretion of the hormone melatonin becomes lazy, makes it unstable. It is a dark phase physically and spiritually. There is an increase in melancholic feeling and suicide cases are very common.
04.00: Energy is gained from the stress hormone. The incidence of infarctions increases Decisively between 04.00 - 06.00. Because blood pressure rises quite a lot, the heart vessels stretch quickly.
05.00: At this time, the male hormone in the body is secreted too much. The stress hormone increases to 6 times its daytime value. Mobility increases, and the lost energy comes back.
As we can see from the above, our body repeats the optimal time for everything every day. And as long as we do not try to disrupt this order, it will continue to function. When we sleep, when we eat, when we wake up and all our other activities should be done at times set by our body.

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