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How is Implant Bone Transplantation Performed?

How is Implant Bone Transplantation Performed?To apply implants, it is necessary to pay attention to the volume of the bone.

The application of implant bone can be known as transplantation ; bone graft, implant bone transplantation or in other words bone grafting. Decontamination. This implant technique applied is an advanced implant technique. The application of this implant technique is the application of fixing the bone taken with screws to the jawbone, which is considered thin, by taking the bone from the appropriate places to take bone from inside or outside the mouth in patients who do not have bone height and thickness. With the procedure performed, it is aimed to increase the volume of bone in the region where the bone has a low volume.

Should I Have an Implant Bone Transplant? In What Cases Is an Implant Bone Transplant Needed?
In implant applications, it may not be possible to perform the procedure in cases where the bone is thin or hard.
The implant bone may be needed in cases such as:
• It may be necessary in cases where we want to increase the ratio of bone height.
In mouths without teeth or in patients with jawbone problems, that is, in patients with thin jawbones, the jawbone can be thickened by removing bone from the hip area. Since it is desired to perform a bone thickening procedure, it is necessary to remove a hard bone. Therefore, the bone is taken from the hip bone.
From Which Area Are the Bones Taken?
Intraoral Areas
Ramus (Molars on the lower jaw and the posterior region of the molars
Symphysis ( Lower jaw and anterior region)
Palatal (the area located behind the teeth in the upper jaw)
Tuber (20-year-old part of the upper jaw)
Non-Oral Areas
Leg Bone
Skull Bone
How is Dental Bone Transplant Treatment (Surgery) Performed?
Before starting treatment, you should definitely see a specialist dentist. If the decision of surgery has been made by applying the treatment steps that your doctor will create; first, it is examined in detail with a panoramic X-ray and a plan is made. If there is no appropriate bone width in implant applications and bone transplantation has been decided during the treatment process, the necessary procedures can be performed. After these stages of treatment, it is recommended to take dental volumetric tomographs. With tomography, the areas look more comfortable. Then the operation is performed under anesthesia.
What Are the Points to Be Considered After Bone Transplantation?
After the operation is successfully performed, tampons are placed in the mouth for 20 minutes. it is kept waiting for a while. it is recommended to apply ice treatment every 10 minutes for 48 hours. The mouth should not be opened too much so as not to strain and damage the discarded stitches. After the operation, it is recommended to refrain from hot and cold drinks so as not to adversely affect the nerves.

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