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What are foot insoles? How is it used?

What are foot insoles? How is it used?Silicone insoles; It is an auxiliary product that is used for foot and heel health, offers a soft floor to the person, is placed on the sole of the shoes.

What are insoles used for?
Insoles are a shoe apparatus specially made for a person to reduce any problems in the foot.
The insole fits into the sole of your shoe by being placed inside your shoe. In this way, a soft tissue is formed between your foot and the sole of the shoe Dec. While this tissue performs the task of shock absorption, it also provides a feeling of comfort on the sole of the foot.
Insoles meet two basic needs:
- Increases comfort in shoes. Improves performance. - Serves to solve the targeted discomfort. In your daily life and sports, make sure that the cushioning and strengthening of your shoes is adequate and suitable for your foot type.
What are the effects of electromagnetic radiofrequency fields on the nervous system
Electromagnetic fields are created by natural or man-made sources. Its emitted from electgrical equipment such as Transformer, high voltage lines, el, TV and computers, antennas, mobile phones, hair dryer etc. Radiofrequency fields are formed in communication, mobile phones and base stations, radio and television broadcasts, wireless internet and wireless.
Parallel to these developments in technology that facilitates human life, rapidly increasing research is being conducted in the scientific world that has many negative effects on human health. There are almost no organs or systems of the human body that are not affected by this condition.

In the nervous system, brain tumors, Alzheimer's disease, headaches, hearing disorders, sleep disorders, depression, irritability, increased the incidence of Parkinson's disease and many other diseases with this exposure.
The internationally accepted approach has been to take into account the “Precautionary Principle” against electromagnetic fields and, in particular, to keep children and young people away from mobile phones as much as possible..

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