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How to Eat Before Sports?

How to Eat Before Sports?Nutrition Before Sports

How to Eat Before Sports?
* Maintain hydration (fluid balance) level.
* It should prevent hunger.
* Must replenish energy stores.
* Foods that are easy to digest should be chosen.
* Cooked vegetables and fruits should be preferred instead of raw vegetables and fruits with high pulp content. Fruits should be consumed in the form of compote or without peel.
* Foods with high fat content, frying, roasting should not be eaten. 
* Avoid bitter, spicy and carminative foods that can cause heartburn .
* Milk and yogurt should be consumed according to the tolerance of the athlete due to their gas-forming effects. He shouldn't drink orange juice. 
* In sports nutrition, the foods that the athlete is used to should be consumed, and a new food should not be tried at a pre-match meal.
• To ensure adequate hydration, 2-2.5 cups of water should be drunk at this meal and ½ - 1 cup of water should be drunk 20-30 minutes before the match. 
• 2-4 hours before the match, meals rich in carbohydrates, containing moderate protein, low fat and low pulp should be eaten.

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