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What is Splint? In what cases is it applied?

What is Splint? In what cases is it applied?A splint is a transparent and removable aperey that is placed between the teeth in the lower jaw or upper jaw. Decubitus splint is a device that can be inserted and removed.

Splint is used in the treatment of jaw diseases. It ensures the correct closure of the jaw by eliminating the causes that cause it to close incorrectly. In this way, the stretched muscles are relaxed and the correct movement of the jaw is supported. Considering the patient's problems, it is decided to use splint aperey at night or 24 hours a day. Thus, it is aimed that the jaw joint and teeth move harmoniously. When there are signs of diseases and problems occurring in the jaw structure, the problem should not be postponed, the problems should be explained by contacting the orthodontist. After the clinical examination, the correct treatment plan is created by the specialist and it is ensured that the jaw structure regains its health.

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