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Expectant mothers should be informed about this.

Expectant mothers should be informed about this.After the cesarean delivery, the process of giving birth to the next child by normal delivery was generally not preferred, considering that it involved some risks.


The most important reason for this was that the incisions made in the uterus during cesarean section did not have healing properties like normal tissue. The risk of tearing the scar tissue, that is, the scar tissue formed after cesarean section, during contraction in normal birth was a danger for the life of the mother and the baby. Considering this risk, which varies between 1-3% in the publications, today the option of normal birth after cesarean section is also on the agenda. However, if expectant mothers and fathers should be informed about these risks in detail by the doctor.

The time required for VBAC is 2-2.5 years

There are situations that increase or decrease the risk in normal birth after cesarean section. If the VBAC prospective mother has had a normal delivery before or has had a child again with a normal delivery after a cesarean section, she has a high chance of having a normal delivery with an VBAC. If the mother had a normal birth once and gave birth to her second child by cesarean section, the chance of giving birth to her third child naturally increases. The average time required for normal delivery after cesarean section has been determined as 2-2.5 years, and expectant mothers are recommended to wait during this period. The fact that tissue healing takes time after cesarean section and the risk of uterine rupture, called rupture, in normal deliveries below this period, are the most important reasons for the waiting period.

Artificial pain can be risky

After the 36th week of pregnancy, the baby gradually settles into the uterus. The gynecological examination of the expectant mother should be done carefully at 38-39 weeks. The opening of the uterus, the weight of the baby, the position of the birth canal and the baby should be carefully evaluated. If the mother and baby health are also suitable for a problem-free birth, it can be expected until the 40-41th week. It is much more appropriate to wait for the patient's own pain to occur in normal birth after cesarean section, for the baby to settle in the birth canal. The baby's head position enters the uterus with weekly millimetric movements. In this case, artificial pain that will be given untimely may prevent the baby from taking the appropriate position. At the same time, artificial pain increases the risk of rupture of the uterus in normal birth after cesarean section and is not recommended. It is very important to ensure the comfort of the baby while it is placed in the womb and that the mother is psychologically ready for birth.

Exercises to facilitate normal birth…

In the past, normal birth was more uneventful than today, due to an active life that strengthens the pelvic muscles that act as a hammock between the bladder and uterus. However, the increasingly sedentary lifestyle also hinders the development of women's pelvic muscles. For this reason, after the 28th week of pregnancy, some pregnancy exercises are recommended to expectant mothers to strengthen these muscles in the canal. Kegel exercises, which allow the pelvic muscles to contract and can be done for 15-20 minutes daily, both facilitate childbirth and reduce the frequency of problems such as urinary incontinence and uterine prolapse that may occur in later ages. Regular yoga and pilates are also very beneficial. In addition, perineum massage, which increases the blood supply, elasticity and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles, contributes to the natural birth process.

In which cases normal birth cannot be performed after cesarean section?

• If the mother-to-be continues to require a cesarean delivery or has a health problem that prevents her from giving birth normally…

• Vertical incision of the uterus during cesarean section

• Having undergone previous surgery for any reason related to the uterus

• Having diabetes and hypertension diseases

• Inappropriate birth canal or congenital stenosis in this region

• There is a risk of reaching health institutions that will perform emergency cesarean section.

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