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What Are the Symptoms of Cholesterol?

What Are the Symptoms of Cholesterol?The symptoms of high cholesterol may not show themselves clearly, but just like high blood pressure, it can remain silently in the body.

 For this reason, this condition may not be noticed until the disease progresses. In addition, since high cholesterol causes an increase in blood levels, the diseases caused by this condition show some symptoms:
Yellow sebaceous glands on the face and eye area.
Chest pain.
Feeling sluggish and tired.
Pain in the feet and legs.
Fat accumulation under the skin.
Shortness of breath.
Pale-looking skin.
Delayed healing of skin wounds.
How Is Cholesterol Treated?
The cholesterol level of the person is measured with the blood test, which is expressed as a lipid panel. Based on the results, if the person's LDL rate is high, appropriate treatment is initiated. At this point, it is very important to start a cholesterol diet that is suitable for the person. In addition, a regular activity program is given. It is recommended to terminate the use of tobacco and alcohol, if any.
On the cholesterol diet
Barley and whole grains,
Eggplant and okra,
vegetable oils,
Soy and soy-based foods,
Foods rich in fiber
oily fish; Consumption of salmon, tuna and sardines is recommended for lowering cholesterol.
In addition, people with high levels of bad cholesterol should avoid consuming the following foods:
Red meat.
Whole milk.
Fried products.
Hydrogenic oils.
Egg yolk.

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