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NUTRITIONAL RECOMMENDATIONS FOR CHEMOTHERAPY PATIENTS ?It is very important to determine a diet that will have a positive effect on the course of the disease during the chemotherapy process in cancer treatment

For this, support should be obtained from an oncologist as well as a nutrition and diet specialist. The nutritional program that will be applied according to the patient's blood values, the period after chemotherapy and the state of the immune system will have a positive effect on increasing the patient's quality of life.

During chemotherapy treatment;

1. The person should try to eat the food he likes by motivating himself in a positive way during periods of lack of appetite. The patient should not be forced to eat while he has nausea.
2. Care should be taken to feed little and often. It is not right to wait to be hungry for food.
3. Solid foods should be preferred instead of watery foods in main meals. Juicy foods will cause a feeling of satiety and cause less food to be eaten.
4. Especially during periods of nausea, oily, sugary and fried foods should be avoided. Instead of these, salty and dry foods (such as crackers, low-fat cheese, roasted chickpeas, fat-free toast, fat-free pasta) can be preferred.
5. The person can eat his meal in an airy, light, not crowded environment and accompanied by his favorite music.
6. In order to get the calories that the patient needs daily, he should prefer foods with small portions but high in calories during periods of lack of appetite. These can be milk and fruit desserts, molasses, honey, compote, freshly squeezed fruit juices, rice or pasta.
7. For protein requirement, care should be taken to consume red meat, chicken, fish or eggs. Whichever of these foods is more comfortable in at least one of the main meals, the person can eat a meal prepared with a suitable cooking method.
8. Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. If the person does not want to drink water; It should meet its fluid needs with beverages such as herbal tea, fruit juice, and ayran.
9. Such products should never be used without consulting a doctor, considering that herbal mixtures will help the treatment.
10. Meal times should be adjusted according to the time when the person feels good. If possible, take walks in the fresh air before meals.
11. In periods when you are sensitive to smell, foods that can be eaten with yogurt or cold should be preferred in an environment away from the smell of food.
12. Spices such as mint and thyme should be used to reduce the irritating odors of the dishes and make them more delicious, and attention should be paid to the appetizing presentation of the food.
13. Avoid odors that may disturb the person, such as heavy perfume, cigarette and food odors.
14. When there is nausea, deep and slow breathing exercises should be done. If there is constant nausea, the person should focus on activities that will distract himself, such as watching television, listening to music, knitting or reading a book.
15. Some menthol candies can be comforting.

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