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Dead inspection;

Dead inspection;In fatal cases, it is the procedure immediately after the crime scene investigation.

The purpose of this process is to observe the corpse without touching the knife in any way, and the medical identity of the corpse., the cause of death and the time of death and the origin of the event, with the observation to be made without touching the corpse in any way. In cases of death, a report is drawn up during the examination of the dead. This is called the "dead examination report". This report can be drawn up as a separate report or as a joint report under the name of "discovery and death examination report". In addition to the observed and detected findings, the absence of any traces that were hoped for and not found are also recorded in the report. This report is signed by the prosecutor, the clerk who wrote the report, the doctor and his assistant, the identity witness of the corpse, and by those present at the scene with the initiative of the prosecutor.

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