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Why do we become food addicts?

Why do we become food addicts?The triggering factor for binge eating behavior can sometimes be emotional stress. The basic behavior in a food addiction is to consume food in large quantities and out of control.

The food addicted person feels an irresistible desire to consume especially foods high in sugar and fat. These people consume much larger meals than normally consumed under stress and within a certain period of time. Consumption of such foods enables the release of dopamine and other pleasure-giving hormones and chemicals that activate the reward system in the brain of the addicted person and activate the pleasure center of our brain. This situation creates short-term relaxation and satisfaction.
For these reasons, in order to experience this pleasure again and to get rid of the stress, the person turns to the foods that he is addicted to out of control and starts to consume it uncontrollably. Unfortunately, the food industry allows changes in the production of foods and the use of flavor-enhancing and addictive additives to increase sales.
These foods, which have low nutritional value and contain a lot of harmful additives, are easily accessible and rich in calories, sugar and fat ratios.
The highly flavored combination of high sugar and high fat is a reward for the human body. These rewards lead to cognitive restriction and leave them vulnerable to overeating.
What are the symptoms of food addiction?
If individual;
• If he/she has an uncontrollable desire to eat and he/she does it for pleasure and relaxation, not for satiety.
• If he/she consumes fast and excessive food in a short time and cannot control its frequency and time
• If he/she has problems in his/her family life, business life and private life
• If he continues to overeat despite having a health problem.
• Fails despite the urge to opt out
• He eats alone and illegally in order not to attract the attention of the people around him.
• And this person feels guilty after the eating behavior, then experiences anger and sadness and becomes lonely
We can say that he is addicted to food.
Which foods are addicted to?
It has been proven as a result of studies that foods with a high glycemic index, that is, foods that increase blood sugar, are more addictive    index. It has been observed that foods with a high glycemic index activate the addictive part of the brain and release dopamine.
So what are these high glycemic index foods?
Foods containing starch such as sweets, white bread, white rice, all white flour foods, pasta, potatoes and corn are defined as foods with a high glycemic index. At the same time, foods such as chips, french fries and pizza containing high fat activate the somatosensory region in the brain, which leads to addiction.
Moreover, these foods affect the stimulating nerves in the brain, stimulate dopamine, which is an addictive chemical in the brain, and thus, the person becomes addicted by getting too much pleasure from eating.
In addition, studies show that salt affects the reward system in the brain and therefore can be addictive. Packaged foods, in particular, contain a high amount of salt in order to extend their shelf life, increase their sales by increasing addiction and increase their taste.
Chocolate is also in the list of another known addictive foods. Chocolate contains psychoactive substances such as theobromine and caffeine, which cause addiction by stimulating the central nervous system.

Apart from these substances, chocolate caused the brain to release serotonin, which is known as the happiness hormone, and endorphins, which are known to give pleasure, resulting in addiction. In addition to addiction, another reason that causes chocolate cravings can be magnesium deficiency. Magnesium deficiency causes a strong craving for chocolate.
How to get rid of food addiction with bioresonance?
The most important thing to lose weight is to get rid of refined carbohydrates that spoil our health. The bioresonance method at the frequency level eliminates your body's need for refined carbohydrates, foods that you cannot give up and harms you, balances your appetite and helps you lose weight with body detox. While this therapy is also a carbohydrate detox program, it also keeps your stress level under control with the color therapies program loaded on the device.

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