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CAUSES OF BONE INFLAMMATIONIt can be organisms such as an organism. The most common review cause of osteomyelitis is Staphylococcus aureus.

Other bacterial causes include Streptococcus group A and group B, H. influenzae, coliforms, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. all of these may be associated with short-term presentations of up to stenosis or a traumatic injury to the bone. The bones are getting better and they are unpleasant to themselves.
Bone infection can occur in the following situations:
Trauma to the bone or breaking the bone out of the skin
Infection in the soft tissue surrounding the bone can spread to the underlying bone.
Transport through the blood into the bloodstream
Circulatory collapse (as seen in diabetes)
An infection can spread to the bone in many ways. It can enter through bone surgery or through a broken bone that protrudes through the skin. It can also spread from an infected artificial joint, such as the knee joint, to the surrounding bone. Any contaminated object that pierces the bone can cause an infection, such as a piece of metal from a car accident.
Infection in soft tissue, such as muscles or organs, can develop in an area that is injured or has poor circulation. Once the infection appears, it can spread to nearby bone.

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