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What does growth hormone deficiency lead to?

What does growth hormone deficiency lead to?The most important and often the only symptom of growth hormone deficiency is growth retardation and short stature in children.

. In severe cases, dwarfism occurs; the body structure is proportionally small. With congenital growth hormone deficiencies, growth can be disrupted from infancy.
How to understand growth hormone deficiency?
The final diagnosis is made by growth hormone warning tests. In these tests, after taking the blood once on an empty stomach in the morning, after taking the medicine (usually a pill), another 3-4 times with an interval of 30 Dec minutes to Dec the blood to see how much growth hormone has increased. If there is not enough increase, there is a lack of growth hormone.
When we get enough sleep, when we exercise, the pituitary gland increases the amount of growth hormone. In normal conditions, it is secreted more at night compared to during the day. the level of growth hormone should be above 5 ng/ml. Under it, the patient has a growth hormone deficiency.

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