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What is Individual Therapy?

What is Individual Therapy?Individual therapy is defined as the process of getting support from a specialist psychotherapist when individuals have difficulties in their lives or when they want to experience their personal development.

Personal therapy is a therapy for problems that the individual can solve together with a specialist psychotherapist. In this direction, the individual can overcome his problems in a personal context by talking to his therapist one-on-one. Getting psychological support and not knowing what to do about it first involves a difficult process in general. individual therapy; It covers a wide range of services given to individuals with disorders such as depression, anxiety disorder, panic attack, anger control disorder.
What is the Purpose of Individual Therapy?

• To reduce and completely eliminate psychological disorders,
• To guide behavior and action change,
• To increase self-awareness,
• To be able to develop the way of coping with problems,
• Being able to overcome emotionally difficult issues,
• To increase the self-confidence of the individual,
• To be able to organize relations such as family, friendship, etc. In some cases, the goals of individual therapy are included.
What are the Services Provided in the Scope of Individual Therapy?

Individual therapy encompasses a service that plays a role in curing many diseases. The services provided within the scope of personal therapy are listed as follows:
1. Anxiety Disorder
2. Anger Control Disorder
3. Anxiety Disorder
4. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
5. Family Problems
6. Sleep Problems
7. Eating Problem
8. Marriage or relationship Problem etc. It is a type of therapy that includes many services.
What are the Benefits of Individual Therapy?

• It enables the individual to understand himself better,
• Individuals can express their thoughts easily without judgment,
• Can learn how to deal with emotions,
• It can provide the convenience of making a lifestyle change,
• To learn the causes of the symptoms, etc. Individual therapy is a therapy that has the qualities that can provide support and comfort to an individual.
Which Individuals Should Get Individual Therapy?

• Individuals who do not want to tell their problems to other people,
• Individuals who are in conflict with their suppressed emotions in their inner world,
• Individuals who want to make changes in their behavior and actions,
• Individuals who have gone through a difficult period emotionally,
• Individuals who have lost or think they will lose their sense of trust,
• Individuals with disorders such as anxiety disorder, sleep problem, anger control disorder,
• Individuals who have problems with their spouse, friends or family but cannot solve them can find the opportunity to solve their problems by taking therapy.

What are Individual Therapy Techniques?

There are many schools of therapy. The important thing here is that your therapist continues the session by structuring it through the approach that is most suitable for you.
The main types of therapy are:
• Cognitive behavioral therapy
• Dialectical behavioral therapy
• Acceptance and commitment therapy
• Holistic Psychotherapy
• Schema Therapy
• Psychodynamic psychotherapy
• Existential psychotherapy
• Solution focused therapy
• Supportive Psychotherapy
• Family Therapy
• Marriage and Couples Therapy
 How is Individual Therapy Performed?

Although there are many individual therapy methods, the type of therapy to be applied is shaped according to the needs of the individual. The important point here is that the psychotherapist knows the counselor well, solves his problems and follows a path. Types of individual therapy include:
Interpersonal Psychotherapy
In the type of interpersonal therapy, it is a type of therapy that provides support for the development of the individual's skills in family, friend and community relations.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Cognitive behavioral therapy is defined as the most effective type of therapy. In this therapy method, the relationship between individuals' feelings, thoughts, ideas and actions is analyzed. The psychotherapist plays a major role in changing the individual's feelings and ideas into a positive personality by resolving that they have no expectations for life.
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
In this type of psychological therapy, the individual's self-awareness of his ideas and emotions is increased.
Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Dialectical behavior therapy is a type of psychological therapy that can provide support in the regulation of human relations and coping with the stresses that individuals have experienced.
Psychodynamic Therapy
Psychodynamic therapy is a type of therapy that helps individuals understand how and in what way their unconscious and unconscious behaviors and emotions will affect them.
The purpose of individual therapy is a type of therapy performed by the psychotherapist in order to understand and comfort individuals. If you have difficulty in understanding yourself, if you want your behavior and attitudes in human relations to change, psychologist therapy service will provide you with the best support.

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