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What is the Flu Vaccine?

What is the Flu Vaccine?Influenza is a disease that occurs during the winter months when the Influenza A and B viruses, which occur with coughing and sneezing, settle in the nose, throat and lungs.

Flu; It manifests itself with symptoms such as high fever, severe muscle-joint pains, fatigue, chills, headache and sore throat, dry cough.
The incubation period of the flu is between 1-3 days. Influenza is a contagious disease, and you may have infected other people the day before your symptoms start to appear. The protective effect of the flu vaccine is 6 to 8 months. Therefore, this is the most logical solution to protect from the virus.

Every year, mutations occurring in the structure of the virus are examined by the World Health Organization and recommendations are made for the content of the vaccine. And vaccines are prepared according to these recommendations.
Influenza is a serious disease and serious complications can occur when individuals in the risk group are caught. And even bronchitis, pneumonia, encephalitis, sinusitis can cause diseases that will have worse results. Therefore, it is recommended that all individuals in the community should be vaccinated against influenza, except those who are undesirable.
After getting the flu vaccine, your body starts to produce antibodies, substances that fight the virus. These antibodies help protect you when you come across similar viruses. The viruses that cause seasonal flu vary from year to year; therefore, you will need to have a flu vaccine every year to protect yourself from the new type of flu that emerges every year.

When Is the Flu Vaccine Given?
Due to the flu virus that changes every year, the content of the flu angle is also changed every year. The flu vaccine is re-prepared every year with the recommendations of the World Health Organization.
The autumn period, that is, between September and November, is the most right and effective time for flu vaccination. It provides protection during the relevant flu season after you have the flu vaccine.

What Are the Side Effects of the Flu Vaccine?
Although it is not very common, pain, redness and swelling at the injection site can be seen in individuals who have had the flu vaccine. Very rarely, side effects such as fever, weakness and muscle pain may occur in the body approximately 6 hours after the vaccine and disappear within 1-2 days.
Individuals who are allergic to eggs should not get the flu vaccine. In addition, individuals who have previously been allergic to the flu vaccine should not use it.
Since the virus parts given to the body with the flu vaccine are inanimate, there is no risk of developing a flu disease due to the vaccine.

Who Should Get the Flu Vaccine?
Influenza vaccine should be administered to everyone except children under 6 months of age, women in the first 3 months of pregnancy, those who are allergic to eggs or any ingredient in the vaccine, and those who have had an allergic reaction to a previous flu vaccine, upon the advice of a physician.

Where is the flu shot given?
It is recommended that the flu vaccine be administered in full-fledged health institutions, under the supervision of a physician.

Does the Influenza Vaccine Protect From Covid-19?
The flu vaccine protects you against influenza viruses, not coronavirus. Since the coronavirus has more devastating effects in patients with weakened immune systems, protection from flu infections is of great importance. Having the flu and COVID-19 at the same time can bring you very heavy consequences. If you get your flu vaccine and take precautions, this will reduce your risk of serious illness.

Flu Vaccine for Children
The flu, which has a high risk of transmission, also affects young children. Having your child get an annual flu vaccination will significantly reduce the risk of getting the flu during the relevant influenza period. It is important to get the flu vaccine with the advice of a physician, especially in children with chronic diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, heart failure, anemia, chronic kidney failure, diabetes, because catching the flu can aggravate the course of these diseases.

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