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Curious about heart rheumatism

Curious about heart rheumatismWhat is Heart Rheumatism?

Cardiac rheumatism occurs when inflammation in the joints reaches the heart and causes inflammation in the heart valve after diseases seen in the upper respiratory tract. As a result of this inflammation, the heart valve narrows and cardiac rheumatism occurs.
What is the Cause of Heart Rheumatism?
Cardiac rheumatism is usually caused by diseases that occur in the upper respiratory tract, such as tonsils and throat, not being treated well. If the treatment of rheumatism in the joints is not provided well, the inflammation reaches the heart valve and causes discomfort.
What are the symptoms?
Cardiac rheumatism is a disease that progresses slowly and does not show itself immediately. Complaints of bruising can be listed as feeling cold in hands and feet, shortness of breath, cough and tiredness. Apart from these, nausea, dizziness, chest pain, low or high blood pressure, low or high pulse are the symptoms of heart rheumatism. In the early period, these symptoms may disappear in patients. However, if the treatment is not provided well, it can cause devastating results by causing heart damage.
In Who Is Heart Rheumatism More Common?
Cardiac rheumatism is usually seen in children. Infection is frequently observed in childhood, that is, between the ages of 5-15 years. After children, it is most common in women. However, it is seen at a rate of 50 percent in individuals with acute rheumatic disease, regardless of gender.
May Cause Serious Diseases!
Cardiac rheumatism still causes heart valve diseases in countries where technology and health services are not well developed. Cardiac rheumatism, which manifests itself with symptoms such as shortness of breath, bruising, palpitations, continues as pain, swelling and redness in large joints. Although these joint damage, called arthritis, can heal, permanent damage can be seen after their involvement in the heart and brain.
Take Your Precaution!
It is easier for infections and diseases to spread in public areas. This disease, which develops due to the upper respiratory tract, can be transmitted through the airway. It is important not to be in crowded areas or to ventilate your environment frequently in order not to catch the disease. Treatment of recurrent throat infections should not be neglected. The exact solution of the disease should be provided under the control of the doctor.
What is the treatment?

After an examination under the control of a specialist doctor, the necessary examinations are made and the diagnosis is made. The treatment of the disease takes shape according to the findings after this test, analysis and ultrasound. Early diagnosis is important in treatment. If you go to the doctor in the early period, the dose and duration of the drugs you will use will be shorter. Thanks to preventive treatments in the early period, it will be possible to get rid of heart valve damage with less damage. Therefore, do not neglect to go to the doctor as soon as you feel the symptoms.

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