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Quitting Smoking and Controlling Weight Gain

Quitting Smoking and Controlling Weight GainIn some individuals who start smoking, there may be a rapid weight loss process with weight loss. Likewise, after quitting smoking, people can gain an average of 3-5 kilograms.

This is one of the biggest fears of smokers. Individuals who smoke more daily tend to gain more weight, but first of all, it should be noted that; Smoking does more harm than good to gain weight. In addition, with some precautions, you can easily get through this process without gaining weight.
As you prepare to quit smoking, you should also start a healthy eating program. At this stage, using a tool such as a food pyramid that shows the ideal consumption amount of food groups can make your job easier. Here are some suggestions to help you get through the process easier:
drink more water
Choosing healthy snacks such as fruit, vegetables, pistachios, almonds for increased snacking needs
avoiding sugary and starchy foods
When the urge to smoke comes, take a walk, drink soda
Have water and healthy snacks with you

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