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What is Alcohol Dependence

What is Alcohol DependenceAlcohol addiction is a type of addiction that causes individuals to consume excessive amounts of alcohol, to want to consume alcohol without a certain hour every day,

to abstain when they do not drink alcohol. Individuals feel bad and stressed when they are not drinking alcohol. Their mood is quite bad, as they suffer from intense abstinence. They can have an unhappy, moody, sad, angry, irritable, and sometimes aggressive mood.
Alcohol addiction is often confused with liking alcohol in society. Using alcohol in a certain amount does not cause alcohol dependence, and it is wrong to call these people alcohol addicts. Alcohol addicts consume alcohol many times more than usual and lose their stopping point.
Addiction is a problem that affects individuals' work or school life, personal relationships, physical and psychological health extremely negatively.
Symptoms of Alcohol Dependence
* Individuals neglect the people around them due to alcohol use, do not fulfill their duties at work and school, responsibilities that fall on them in the family, around them
* Do not isolate yourself due to alcohol use
* Do not continue to use alcohol despite knowing that it endangers your health and negatively affects your work and social life
* Constantly feeling that the amount of alcohol previously drunk is not enough and asking for more
* The occurrence of financial losses due to the use of alcohol,
* Feeling of withdrawal when alcohol is not taken and showing physical symptoms such as sweating, trembling, dry mouth, inability to focus due to withdrawal
• Even if an effort is made to stop using alcohol, do not fail and do not start drinking alcohol again
The Causes of Alcohol Dependence?

Alcohol addiction is a problem seen in individuals due to reasons such as financial difficulties, traumatic events experienced in the past, a problematic personality structure. One of the common causes of alcohol addiction is traumatic events, especially in childhood. Problems such as divorce of parents, domestic violence, being abused as a child are some of the causes of alcohol addiction. Accidents and deaths are among the problems that cause alcohol addiction, no matter what age it is seen. People who want to forget the events that have happened prefer the path of alcohol and thus think that they will forget what they have experienced when they consume alcohol.
Another of the causes of alcohol dependence is psychological disorders. As a result of disorders such as depression, anxiety disorder, alcohol dependence can be observed in individuals. The feelings that people feel, such as unhappiness, sadness, anxiety, fear, stress, cause them to resort to alcohol consumption in order to reduce or eliminate these feelings. Situations such as unhappiness, anxiety, anger caused by alcohol addiction due to psychological disorders affect the psychology of individuals even worse and thus the individual is drawn into a vicious circle.
Financial problems are one of the reasons that lead to the emergence of alcohol dependence. Unemployment, high amounts of debt, inability to earn enough money to support himself or his family puts individuals in a psychological predicament and individuals consume alcohol as a way out. People try to forget the fact that they are in a difficult situation financially by consuming alcohol. Alcohol addiction puts individuals in an even worse situation financially.
Having a personality structure that is prone to addiction, insecure, depressed leads individuals to excessive alcohol use and, as a result, alcohol dependence. Especially insecure and unsuccessful people think that they can do things that they normally can't do by drinking alcohol.

How Is Alcohol Addiction Treated?
Alcohol addiction is an addiction that can be treated. But in order for alcohol addiction to be treated, first of all, a person must admit that he is addicted to alcohol. People who are addicted to alcohol usually do not admit that they are addicted and claim that they can stop using alcohol whenever they want, and they try to make it acceptable to their environment. For this reason, the first step of the treatment process is for people to accept that they are addicted. In this process, the support that the alcohol dependent person will see from his environment, especially from his family, is extremely important.
Alcohol addiction can be treated with methods such as psychotherapy, bioresonance and drug therapy. The first method used in the treatment of alcohol dependence is psychotherapy. The process that follows the psychotherapy process is very critical. It is extremely important that individuals do not want to consume alcohol, do not start again. During this process, people need to be closely monitored. In this process, re-therapy at intervals helps the process to progress more healthily.
EMDR Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy methods are used as psychotherapy methods in the treatment of Alcohol Dependence, while Bioresonance device is used to reduce physical dependence. These therapies, which are carried out within the Psychotherapy Workshop, are applied to the client simultaneously.

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