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What is Escape Disease?

What is Escape Disease?Escape syndrome; Serious attacks, recurrent crises and proving by example one

Elements consisting of capillary fluids in a vein correctly from the right veins in the veins to be actually used. Exactly the cause of the escape syndrome. But there are some conditions that give signals. A heavy dream of bones comes to his friends' heads. The reason is this. It takes place on the street, albeit very difficult, through the passage of capillaries in heavily damaged tissues.
 Escape disorder is more similar to pixel display. It is difficult to conduct an installment child examination. It is the most common usage;
• Severe muscle pains due to the pressure of the fluid trapped in the veins,
• Fatigue due to nerve cells that do not reach the brain due to clogged vessels,
•Stomach ache,
• Dizziness,
• Nausea, vomiting,
• Swelling in the body,
• Increase in body weight,
• Acid accumulation in the abdomen,

A method to treat escape syndrome has not been developed yet. The treatments applied are mostly based on solving the problems caused by the disease. The goal is to control attacks. For this, drugs used for asthma, bronchitis and flu infections are preferred. In the same way, support is taken from drugs that will control blood pressure. At this point, it is important for patients to have their blood pressure measured continuously. Another precaution is to apply allergy testing to patients. The aim is to ensure that the patient avoids the elements to which he is sensitive and that may cause attacks.

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