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What is a Thyroid Nodule?

What is a Thyroid Nodule?A thyroid nodule is defined as an isolated swelling in the thyroid tissue.

 It should be remembered that not all thyroid nodules determined by physical examination, blood tests and radiological diagnostic methods (primarily thyroid ultrasound) are cancer-free and will not turn into cancer.
During thyroid ultrasonography, a fine needle aspiration biopsy should be performed for diagnostic purposes for thyroid nodules that are evaluated as suspicious of the risk of cancer opening. In those who have hyperthyroidism, that is, a toxic goiter table, it may also be necessary to perform thyroid scintigraphy in order to type the disease. It is an examination performed by administering a radioisotope substance in a vein. Depending on the retention of the radioisotope, it is interpreted as a hot nodule or a cold nodule. With thyroid scintigraphy, it can be decided which of the causes that cause hyperthyroidism, such as toxic adenoma, toxic nodular goiter, or Graves' disease, is the disease.
The diagnosis and treatment of thyroid nodules may also fall to general surgeons. Especially those who are interested in this topic and give weight to thyroid and parathyroid surgeries in their clinical practice use the title of endocrine surgeon. Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara are the cities where many successful surgeons continue their work in the field of nodule surgery.
Genetic factors and radiation exposure of the head and neck region are important factors in the development of thyroid cancer. In addition, it should be borne in mind that thyroid nodules that appear in childhood and adolescence may also have a higher risk of cancer.
Thyroid Nodule Surgery
Thyroid nodules, which are more common in women, need to be treated with surgery in some cases. For the detection of any cancerous cells in the thyroid gland, the presence of cancer, the following process for the detection of the most rapid growth, the presence of multiple nodules, and symptoms to be detected, will have a negative impact on the patient's daily life, as well as hoarseness, difficulty swallowing, and cosmetic problems in case of disclosure of thyroid nodule surgery may be required.
Needle biopsy is currently performed before surgical methods in the treatment of thyroid nodules. Thus, unnecessary surgical procedures can also be prevented. More than one method can be used in thyroid nodule surgeries. These methods;
• Total thyroidectomy
* Lobectomy (Unilateral total thyroidectomy)
* Regional lymph node dissections combined with total thyroidectomy
After thyroid surgery, the patient should be closely monitored, thyroid hormones should be measured and evaluated periodically. In some patients, external intake of thyroid hormones may be required for life. In this process, it is of great importance that patients do not go beyond the doctor's recommendations and that the medications that should be used are not disrupted.

Symptoms of Thyroid Nodules
A thyroid nodule is also popularly known as a nodule in the throat Decubitus. This complaint leads to a number of problems in everyday life. So how to recognize a nodule in the throat?
* Swelling and feeling of fullness in the neck
* Difficulty in breathing and swallowing
* Hoarseness
* Bifurcation in sound
* Pain in the neck
* Movement of the swelling in the neck during swallowing
At the same time, the symptoms of nodules in the throat; toxic goiter symptoms can also be experienced if the nodule secretes hormones. Complaints such as palpitations, tremors, sweating, weight loss can be experienced.

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