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What is Tummy Tuck Aesthetics?

What is Tummy Tuck Aesthetics?Abdominoplasty, in other words, abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure applied to remove excess fat in the middle and lower abdomen, correct sagging skin and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

. In tummy tuck surgery, lubrication and skin sagging in the abdomen can be removed by using different techniques determined according to the patient. Tummy tuck surgery can be combined with liposuction or breast aesthetic surgery.
In tummy tuck surgery, an incision is made from the area called the cesarean section mark level to the sides. The sagging and cracked skin in the area up to the navel area is removed. After the skin in the upper part of the navel is stretched downwards, the navel hole is created again in a suitable position. If excess fat is present in addition to sagging and loosening, it may be preferred to remove excess fat from the abdomen with the liposuction method. The relaxed abdominal muscles are tightened with sutures placed on the abdominal wall membranes and regain their former rigidity.
Mini tummy tuck surgeries are applied to patients with milder sagging and loosening problems. Although shorter incisions are made in mini tummy tuck surgery, it may also be possible not to make an incision around the belly button.
Who Does Tummy Tuck Surgery Apply To?

Tummy tuck aesthetic surgery can be applied to people have diet and exercise resistant fat accumulation in the abdomen, who have cracks and sagging in the abdomen, and who have weakened abdominal muscles. It is expected that the people who will have a tummy tuck aesthetic will not have a problem in their general health condition. In the same way, the person must have given birth at least a year ago. People who will have a tummy tuck surgery should be at their ideal weight or very close to their ideal weight.
It is possible to get pregnant and give birth after tummy tuck surgery. Because as a result of tummy tuck surgery, there is no anatomical situation that will be an obstacle to conception. But it may be that the weight that will be gained if you get pregnant at an early stage and the changes that pregnancy will create in the abdominal wall will reduce the effects of surgery. Therefore, if a new pregnancy is being considered, it is recommended to make a planning 1-2 years after the tummy tuck aesthetic operation. In addition, in a new pregnancy that occurs after a tummy tuck surgery, excess weight is removed and given, a second tummy tuck surgery may be needed due to the loosening of the abdominal wall again and the skin sagging again. 
What Should be Considered Before and After Tummy Tuck Surgery?
Before the tummy tuck operation, the patient is examined in detail, the radiological images of the patient are examined and the technique to be applied is determined. When determining the technique to be applied, some factors are taken into account, especially the area where the skin will be removed.
The recovery process after a tummy tuck surgery may vary depending on the patient's metabolism, quality of life, and the degree to which they follow the doctor's recommendations. After a tummy tuck, patients usually stay in the hospital for a day or two and are then discharged. After the operation, it may be useful to wear a special corset so that the abdominal region can reach the desired shape.
The pain that occurs after surgery is at a level that can be controlled by using simple painkillers. Stitches located on the surface of the skin are usually removed after a week, but other stitches dissolve on their own. Although scars vary from person to person, they mostly lose their prominence within a year.
The persistence of the results obtained after the operation depends on the person's adherence to a healthy diet and a regular exercise program. But it is also impossible to stop the aging process. Due to the progression of time, age gain, inability to maintain weight control, the skin may lose its firmness. However, it should be remembered that tummy tuck surgery is not an operation performed to lose weight, but a surgical procedure performed to shape the body and eliminate sagging.


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