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Is Implant Harmful?

Is Implant Harmful?Implants used to replace lost teeth in the mouth give the patient a natural and aesthetic appearance.

Implant is the most preferred treatment method in the world. There is a prejudice in people's minds that the implant is harmful.
If the wrong material and treatment method is used to the question of whether the implant is harmful, the answer will be yes. If the materials to be used and the treatment method to be applied are chosen correctly, those who have implants will not encounter implant damage. Titanium is preferred as the implant production material for those who have implant teeth. Since titanium is bone-friendly, it will protect patients from damage to the implant tooth. Using the wrong implant, disrupting oral care, the brand of the implant used, and the doctor's lack of knowledge on this subject will make the treatment unsuccessful.

What Should Be Done to Have Healthy Gums?
 To have healthy gums, teeth must be brushed 3 times a day. It is recommended to use dental floss after each brushing. In addition, smoking and tobacco use should be reduced in this context. Broken filling or tooth structure disorders should also be treated. It is also very important to have regular dental check-ups, especially during pregnancy.

What is Periodontal Inflammation Treatment?
 Early diagnosis is very important in gingivitis. If necessary precautions are taken, the success rate of treatment will increase. If the right treatment is applied, tooth loss and serious diseases can be prevented. In case of gingivitis, a professional dental cleaning should be done by dentists. Teeth cleaning is also very important. All plaque and bacteria-like products on the teeth are removed. Then dental restorations are made. In addition, the details of the care to be applied at home by the dentists are also explained.

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