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What is Jaw Bone Melting?

What is Jaw Bone Melting?The jawbone starts to melt when we lose or have our existing teeth pulled. These bone losses are called jaw bone resorption.

What are the Causes of Jaw Bone Melting?
The jawbone left empty after tooth extraction naturally melts. In order for the bone not to melt, a load must be placed on the bone. This mechanism is very similar to the thinning of our broken arm and leg bones after casting. Melting of the jaw bones is prevented if an implant is applied to this area.
One of the important factors in jaw bone meltdown is cyst and tumor-like formations that cause jawbone meltdown. Habits such as clenching and grinding cause the jawbone to melt.
How Is Jaw Bone Loss Treated?
Jawbone Treatment is treated with the Box technique, thanks to the graft and membrane applications specially brought from bone banks abroad. Box technique is a long treatment process that has been used for many years and is still developing today. Thanks to the box technique, the melted jawbone is brought to the level where it can be implanted, and then the implant is applied and made suitable for prostheses.

How Long Does the Jaw Bone Take?
After tooth extraction, the bone surrounding the root begins to dissolve rapidly. Melting of the jawbone dissolves most rapidly in the first 6-12 months. Then, melting continues at a slower pace.

Which Treatments Are Implanted For Melted Jaw Bone?
In cases where bone resorption is advanced,
• Box, Boxing Technique (Box Technique)
• All On 4 Implant Application,
• Cheekbone (Zygoma Implant) implant applications
can be done. Today, procedures such as taking bone from the hip and adding it to the jawbone are rarely performed.

Can Implant Be Made After Jaw Bone Loss?
 In patients with jaw bone resorption, the implant can be applied as long as sufficient jawbone remains.

How Long Does the Jaw Bone Resorption Treatment Take?
If treatment with box technique is to be applied in patients with osteoporosis, the average duration of treatment varies between 6 and 12 months.
With All on 4 Treatment, the duration of the implant application varies between 3 and 6 months.

Cheekbone implant application can only be applied in the upper jaw and the treatment period is between 3 and 6 months.

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