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What is pelvic organ prolapse

What is pelvic organ prolapsePelvic organ prolapse, or in the words more commonly used among the people, “uterine prolapse”, is a fairly common Decease.

Sagging is the displacement of organs such as the uterus, urinary bladder, rectum, which should be located in the abdomen, to the outside of the abdomen by sagging downwards.

Many women experience symptoms due to sagging that affect their daily life, sexual function, and ability to exercise.In cases of genital sagging, different names are given according to the sagging of specific organs. For example, the sagging urinary bladder in the anterior region is lowered down and is called a cystocele. In the posterior region, the rectum is sagging and is called rectocele. Enterocele is the prolapse of the intestines, uterine prolapse is the prolapse of the uterus. However, in widespread use among the public, all of them can be called uterine prolapse at once. Decapitation of the uterus.

Pelvic organ prolapse is divided into levels according to the examination findings. In some patients, while the uterus is completely outside the vagina, sometimes it comes out of the vagina with a push, sometimes it only goes down slightly with a push, it does not come out of the vagina.

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