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What is croup disease ?

What is croup disease ?Croup is an upper respiratory tract infection that usually Decays in children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years.

It is a disease that irritates the upper respiratory tract and causes swelling and swelling. Children with the disease have difficulty breathing due to the narrowing of the airways. Their breathing becomes high-pitched, loud, and when coughing, they can make sounds resembling a dog barking. Children with croup infection may have a hoarser and hoarser voice.

This becomes more noticeable especially when they cry. Croup, which occurs more often than usual in autumn, winter and spring, is an infectious disease. The risk of transmission of croup disease is higher in the early days. At the beginning of the viruses that cause croup disease is the parainfluenza virus. But any virus that infects the upper respiratory tract or vocal cords can also lead to a croup infection. You can find out if your child has croup by checking the common symptoms of croup disease. The symptoms may be mild at first, but become serious as time goes on. Croup disease can get worse quickly. Therefore, if your child has difficulty breathing, a doctor's intervention should be applied without wasting time.

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