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Is Teeth Bleaching Harmful?

Is Teeth Bleaching Harmful?Bleaching is not a harmful procedure if it is applied in the right technique and time.

However, products sold under different names on the market that are claimed to provide bleaching can cause permanent damage to your teeth and gums if used incorrectly. For this reason, our recommendation as a Medicine Health Center dentist is that both whitening systems be applied by our doctor.

Who is Suitable For Bleaching ?
Whitening can be applied to every healthy person. But it is not preferred because it can increase sensitivity in people with intense gum recession and exposed root surfaces.

Is It Possible to Smoke After Bleaching?
I should not smoke for at least four days after teeth whitening. Smoking reduces the effect of teeth whitening.
Is There Pain After Bleaching?
More or less sensitivity may be observed in most patients after bleaching.This sensitivity disappears within a maximum of three days.The use of pain medication immediately before the procedure will minimize this sensitivity. The use of a desensitizing paste recommended by your doctor will reduce this problem.

What Should We Avoid After Bleaching?
In particular, the first three days (ideally ten days a week) consist of all kinds of coloring foods and drinks (cigarettes, tea, coffee, cola, turnips, red wine, foods containing cherries, tomato paste, etc.) Occurs.) should be avoided.
The effect of whitening lasts a long time in patients who brush their teeth at least twice a day, have regular examinations every six months, do not smoke and do not consume excessive amounts of tea, coffee. The whitening system can be repeated every one to two years.

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