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What is snoring?

What is snoring?Snoring is the sound formed by the vibration of the soft tissues forming the surrounding of this space as air passes through a narrow space when breathing.

The more this narrowing increases, the more severe the snoring will increase. The cause of snoring is not only from the nose, as it is thought. The narrowness of the part of the throat that forms the pharynx outside the nose, especially from the chin, is much more effective. The person's large tongue, drooping, drooping uvula and disorder of the jaw structure lead to stenosis, especially in the pharynx. As a result, snoring occurs.
What is a snoring device?
Some systemic diseases may develop due to snoring in patients. Snoring can start to cause some discomfort other than sound. In such cases, an anti-snoring device is applied inside the mouth. In fact, this is an apparatus that can be applied without interrupting the sleep of the patients by any breathing difficulties and without feeling any physical discomfort, thanks to the position of the lower jaw being moved to a different position during sleep and keeping it fixed there, ensuring air passage.
How to use snoring apparatus?

Snoring apparatus to be applied in the mouth must be specially prepared for the person. Because if this is to be prevented by using an apparatus in the mouth as well as other methods to prevent snoring, then it must be personalized. It should not damage other tissues, joints and chewing muscles while only working. For this reason, special measurements are taken from the person and an apparatus is prepared in which the jaw relations are brought to the correct position in the laboratory, and when the patient wears it, the breathing intensity will be open, and relations between the jaws will be fixed. Patients wear them at bedtime. It is extremely practical and easy to carry. It is also a method with good results.

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