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Treatment of Sleep Apnea

Treatment of Sleep ApneaObesity treatment should be done before sleep apnea. If there are significant anatomical strictures in the upper respiratory tract, the otolaryngologist should examine the patient for surgery.

Severe sleep apnea can be cured with positive air pressure therapy. Depending on the effect of the treatment and the patient's preferences, the patient should be controlled by automatic regulation or on a constant pressure device.
The specific treatment for sleep apnea is the PAP (positive airway pressure) device, so that sleep apnea is prevented and the upper respiratory tract remains open during sleep. These devices, which provide compressed air through a silicone mask tightly attached to the face overnight, may initially seem uncomfortable for the patient. The first night should be spent in the sleep laboratory to determine which device is suitable for the patient. It should be checked whether the apnea disappears in the minimum amount.

Sleep apnea treatment is classified as lifestyle modification, surgical treatment, and positive air pressure, depending on the level of the disease. The first treatment is to get rid of excess weight. Smoking and alcohol consumption should be avoided. Severe upper respiratory tract stenosis may require surgical treatment. For the treatment of advanced sleep apnea, a CPAP device with positive air pressure is used. These devices prevent apnea by keeping the upper respiratory tract open during sleep. The device promotes sleep using a silicone mask in the air. Thus, snoring treatment is provided. There is a possibility that you may feel tired for a long time. If you or your partner snores loudly every night and often experiences shortness of breath while sleeping, you can ask your healthcare provider for a sleep apnea test.

Is There an Alternative to Dentures?
We can show implant applications as an alternative application instead of dentures. In recent years, implant applications are frequently performed instead of bridges, palates and dentures. So, can the implant be applied in every tooth loss?
What is the Importance of Dental Prosthesis Care?
It is necessary to give importance to prosthetic teeth as well as the importance given to natural teeth. Daily and routine maintenance should be carried out regularly. Failure to regularly maintain prosthetic teeth can lead to problems with the teeth, while also shortening the life of the prosthesis.
Care of Fixed Dentures
1. Dental floss available in pharmacies should be used for cleaning fixed dentures.
2. Products that can corrode the prosthesis should not be used. These can shorten the life of the prosthesis.
3. Detergent or bleach, etc. cleaning materials should not be used.
4. It is necessary to use specially manufactured brushes for prostheses. Thus, in addition to cleaning the brushing process, chemical cleaning will be provided.
5. In order to prevent the dentures from breaking during the brushing process, the dental prosthesis should be cleaned in a towel or a denture container filled with water.
6. People who use dentures should definitely consult a dentist every six months and ensure their control.

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