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What is impotence?

What is impotence?Impotence; It is the condition of the penis not being erect enough to have sexual intercourse.

It is often possible for this dysfunction to occur once or at regular intervals. Hence impotence; In order to be able to talk about this disorder, which is also known as erectile dysfunction, the erection problem must be repeated.
What is the prevalence of impotence in society?
“Sexual potency” is a very important issue for many men. For this reason, issues such as the decrease or loss of the erection of the penis do not come to the fore. studies have shown that the problem of impotence is seen in one out of every ten men. Of course, this frequency also has something to do with age. This rate, which is quite low in young people, increases with age.
Only 10% of people with impotence problem (erectile dysfunction) seek a remedy for this problem. The reason why the remaining percentage that does not seek a solution to their problem is so large is the feeling of shyness, the desire not to be known by anyone else, and not knowing that there is a solution to this problem.

What causes impotence?
In many people; This situation, which can be encountered due to stress, fatigue or excessive alcohol use, does not have much to worry about. If the; If this situation is too much and becomes a problem; Psychological disturbances also occur with the “fear of failure” to be added to the general mood. That is why you should not delay consulting a specialist. If you postpone it, the problem may become permanent with the psychological concerns that will be added to this discomfort that can be solved. If we want to give an example; During each sexual intercourse, the "failure" experienced in the previous intercourse will be remembered and the penis will not become hard for fear of repeating this failure.
Since not much was known about impotence until 20 years ago, it was based on psychological reasons. Studies over time have shown that 70% of causes are organic, that is, physical.

What are the physical causes?
Organic causes are:
1. Decreased blood flow to the penis by narrowing of the arteries
2. The veins cannot be closed when they should be closed, and the incoming blood is missed
3. Damage to penile vessels
4. Hormone disorder
5. Side effects of drugs used
6. Excessive alcohol use and drug addiction
7. Diabetes
8. Excessive smoking
9. High cholesterol disorder
10. Disorders that will affect the nervous system, such as cerebral hemorrhage
11. Chronic ailments such as kidney and liver failure

 What are the psychological causes?
If; if a man has erectile dysfunction later on; It can be attributed to psychological reasons due to the different associations experienced. For example; such as skin incompatibility with his sexual partner, being stopped by the partner during lovemaking, social life problems and so on. These reasons can be continued as follows;
1. Doubt about satisfaction and satisfaction during sexual intercourse
2. Depression
3. Having sexual intercourse in an unsuitable environment
4. Lack of knowledge and experience in sexual intercourse

Is there a cure for impotence?
The most important point that people who encounter this problem should know; that the problem is solvable. Knowing that there is a cure; Even if the problem is physical, it is important not to add psychological causes. Just as the “fear of success” we mentioned above can be added to existing physical causes and cause serious consequences.

What can be recommended to those who have impotence?
Problems get smaller as they are shared. Most of the time; Women may unintentionally create psychological problems because of their partner's erectile dysfunction. Talking about the problem and discussing it if necessary will perhaps eliminate the problem. talk and share; It will also be a remedy for problems such as skin incompatibility, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation.


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