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What Should be Considered Before and After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

What Should be Considered Before and After Tummy Tuck Surgery?Before the tummy tuck operation, the patient is examined in detail, the radiological images of the patient are examined and the technique to be applied is determined.

When determining the technique to be applied, some factors are taken into account, especially the area where the skin will be removed.
The recovery process after a tummy tuck surgery may vary depending on the patient's metabolism, quality of life, and the degree to which they follow the doctor's recommendations. After a tummy tuck, patients usually stay in the hospital for a day or two and are then discharged. After the operation, it may be useful to wear a special corset so that the abdominal region can reach the desired shape.
The pain that occurs after surgery is at a level that can be controlled by using simple painkillers. Stitches located on the surface of the skin are usually removed after a week, but other stitches dissolve on their own. Although scars vary from person to person, they mostly lose their prominence within a year.
The persistence of the results obtained after the operation depends on the person's adherence to a healthy diet and a regular exercise program. But it is also impossible to stop the aging process. Due to the progression of time, age gain, inability to maintain weight control, the skin may lose its firmness. However, it should be remembered that tummy tuck surgery is not an operation performed to lose weight, but a surgical procedure performed to shape the body and eliminate sagging.

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