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What is Hemorrhoids (Hemorrhoids)?

What is Hemorrhoids (Hemorrhoids)?Many people with complaints such as bleeding, itching and pain in the rectum apply to physicians, wondering what hemorrhoids are and why.

What is Hemorrhoids (Hemorrhoids)?
Hemorrhoidal veins are blood vessels located anatomically at the breech exit and in the lower part of the rectum. The condition in which these blood vessels, which are found in every person, expand and become swollen in the form of a pillow, is called hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are divided into internal and external. Hemorrhoid pads, which generally occur in the inner wall of the rectum and are seen in the left outer, right anterior or right posterior locations, are the end points of the middle and upper hemorrhoidal vessels. Internal hemorrhoids occur as a result of dilation of these vessels. External hemorrhoids originate from the lower hemorrhoidal vascular network. Generally, advanced age, diarrhea, pregnancy, prolonged sitting, straining or straining during stool, chronic constipation, tumors in the hip area and hemorrhoids are more common in people who use blood thinners. Although it usually does not show any symptoms, the sagging of the internal hemorrhoid pads causes pain and discomfort. Although the answer to the question of what causes internal hemorrhoids with these symptoms is still not clear, it is thought to be due to the deterioration of the connective tissue holding the vessels or the excessive growth of the muscles in the anus and forcing the hemorrhoid pads during defecation.

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