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The problem Of A Large Forehead in Women?

The problem Of A Large Forehead in Women?It can be done for women, which is still common for people who complain about their forehead

It can be done for women, which is still common for people who complain about their forehead. It can be used for this job, which may be considered for some people. In addition to your hair to be taken from this process, hair transplantation is done with your hair. Narrowing is done with the hair forward a few inches. You have a research plan especially about hair transplant patients.

Differences Between FUE and DHI Hair Transplant

The differences between FUE and DHI hair transplantation are very obvious and different technologies and techniques are used. In the FUE procedure, the skin is cut, the channels are opened and the transplantation is performed. In DHI, however, there are no channels and sowing is done with special technology tools.
Recovery time may be longer after FUE procedure. Returning to social life and work may take a little more time. In DHI, on the other hand, there is a faster return to social and business life. Both processes have their pluses and minuses relative to each other. Therefore, you should make the right decision together with your doctor.

Which is the Best Hair Transplant Method?
In fact, it would not be the right approach to qualify a method as the best hair transplant method. The technique that your Medicine Health Center doctor will choose according to your hair structure will be the best. You can get all the information about the choice from your doctor.
Is There an Age Limit For Hair Transplant ?
There are no specific age restrictions for Hair Transplant . As a result of permanent accidents, we perform Hair Transplant even in children. After receiving the opinion of our doctor and as a result of the necessary tests, we start the necessary preparations for Hair Transplant.

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