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What is itching during pregnancy

What is itching during pregnancyThe pregnancy period is a period when changes in the female body are experienced very often.

Due to the intense physical changes, women often wonder what is the source of the changes that occur in their body during some periods. At the beginning of these physical changes, there are periods of increasing weight gain.
For those who experience itching during pregnancy, the cause of this condition is often wondered. Women may experience itching due to weight gain, which is a very natural condition during pregnancy. Itching may appear due to the fact that the abdominal region swells from day to day, and the skin in this area becomes tense. In addition to itching in the abdominal area, chest itching during pregnancy is also a fairly common condition.
What Causes Itching During Pregnancy?

The skin has an elastic structure and needs moisture. Due to the expansion of the abdomen and chest area due to weight gain during the gestation period, the skin loses moisture and itching may occur. Abdominal itching during pregnancy is one of the most common problems encountered.
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