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WHAT ARE THE CAUSES OF URINE INCONTINENCE IN CHILDREN?It is necessary to examine the causes of urinary incontinence in children under separate headings as nighttime bedwetting and daytime bedwetting.

Causes of bedwetting at night:
• Genetics; Genetic factors are among the most important causes of urinary incontinence at night. If both parents have a problem with bedwetting, the probability of the child having a urination problem is 80%, and if only one of the parents has a urinary incontinence problem, the probability of a child wetting is 40%.
• Obesity: The incidence of voiding problems is increasing in overweight and obese children.
• In children with breathing problems at night
• Children with attention deficit and hyperactivity syndrome
In addition to these reasons, there are also physio-pathological causes of nocturnal urinary incontinence.
• Antidiuretic hormone is produced at night, which prevents urinary excretion in all people. Underproduction of this hormone in children can lead to urinary incontinence problems.
• Children with waking disorders. It is also described as heavy sleep. The child may not notice the warnings given by the brain about the need for the toilet due to heavy sleep.
• Overactive contraction of the bladder can cause nocturnal urinary incontinence.
• Psychological reasons. Contrary to popular belief, psychological causes are responsible for 5-10% of urinary incontinence problems. Because it is thought to be psychological, children are punished or scolded by saying "You are not paying attention". Psychological phenomena often appear as a result, not a cause.

However, children who do not experience bedwetting at night until the age of 6-7; When they have siblings, they may experience urinary incontinence due to psychological reasons in cases such as jealousy, school changes, separation of parents, death of one of the elders of the family or sexual abuse. However, it should be kept in mind that voiding problems due to psychological reasons do not exceed 10%.

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