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Does cold weather affect lumbar hernia?

Does cold weather affect lumbar hernia?This is how cold weather triggers herniated disc

Cold weather does not directly cause herniated disc. However, if there are problems in the joints, it can prepare the ground for herniated disc. Cold weather can cause stretching of the muscles and ligaments in the joints in the spine of people who do not pay attention to their lumbar health, and can trigger a herniated disc. As a result, for example, when you normally lift 5 kilograms from the ground, there is no problem in your waist, but because of the cold weather, the muscles around the joint in the spine are stretched, the muscle length is shortened, and the herniated disc may develop.

Avoid moving if you have pain
There is a misconception that moving in society is good for low back pain. Contrary to popular belief, moving causes the spine to be under even more stress and strain. Therefore, what you should do when your back hurts; avoid moving and rest until you see your doctor.

5% of back pain is herniated disc
Treatment for low back pain varies depending on the underlying cause. 95 percent of low back pain is caused by mechanical reasons such as cold weather and being under the force that the waist cannot handle. In these cases, medical treatment and rest are sufficient. However, muscle relaxants and pain relievers should not be used without a doctor's recommendation, as they can cause side effects such as gastrointestinal pathologies when taken randomly. The cause of a small rate of pain, such as 5 percent, is herniated disc. If the pain is accompanied by pathologies such as herniated disc or canal stenosis, then it may be necessary to resort to a surgical method.

Protect your waist from the cold in 8 steps
Take these precautions against cold weather, as well as carrying heavy items and excessive weight gain that
• Wear thick clothes when you go out in cold weather.
• Prevent the air conditioner from coming directly to your spine.
• If you are in a very hot environment, do not suddenly go out to a cold environment.
• Exercise regularly every day.
• If you sweat while doing sports, change your laundry frequently.
• Get rid of your excess weight.
• Do not sit or stand for more than an hour.

• Do not carry a heavy load or seek support from your environment.

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