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What Should Be Done Against Night Plaque

What Should Be Done Against Night PlaqueWhat is a night record?

Night plaque is a special oral plaque support designed to protect the teeth from wear and deterioration of the jaw structure that may occur as a result of jaw tightening and teeth grinding problems during sleep. These protectors, which are used at night, are a mouth guard specially designed by dentists for individuals.  When the anatomical structure of the human jaw is examined, it is known that this structure varies from person to person.
What is the importance of using a night record?
Dental health is important in every period of human life. It is vital that the teeth, which are an important factor in the function of nutrition and digestive system, are taken care of and regularly checked by a doctor. Various problems occur in the teeth and gums over time. In addition to problems such as dental calculus and decay, problems such as grinding teeth and tightening the jaw occur, especially at night. Such problems can lead to wear of the teeth over time and deterioration of the jaw structure. In terms of quality of life, those who have problems with oral and dental diseases should definitely consult an expert opinion and ensure that appropriate measures are taken. Especially at night, when the problem of grinding and squeezing teeth comes to the agenda, night plaque is used.
How is the preparation and use of the night plate?
In order to use night plaque, a physician should be consulted first and the problems experienced should be explained in detail. If the dentist deems it appropriate to use plaque at night, the teeth are measured. In accordance with the tooth measurements taken, the appropriate plaque is prepared for the model obtained. Thus, night plaque harmonizes with the teeth, providing comfort and eliminating the problem. The problems experienced with the regular use of the night plate begin to decrease in a few days. Obvious improvements are also observed in head and jaw pain caused by problems such as grinding teeth and clenching the jaw. The duration of use of the night plate is also important. In the 24-hour time frame during the day, it is necessary not to use it for more than 12 hours. Plaques should be worn for at least four hours a day and should be used 21 days a month.
Who should use the night record?
It is true that people who grind their teeth and clench their jaw during the night use night plaque. Since wear occurs on the teeth of people with this problem, it is also easy to diagnose the problem by doctors. These people usually complain of head and jaw pain during waking up. Individuals whose teeth are sensitive to temperature, those who are going through a stressful period usually experience these problems.

Who has joint plaque?
When human anatomy is considered, it is seen that the problems that occur in the jaw joint negatively affect the quality of life.  There are various reasons behind the disorders that occur in the jaw joint. Problems such as fractures in the jaw joints, grinding of teeth, squeezing of the jaw and abrasion lead to damage to the tooth structure and jaw joints over time. People who have problems with oral and dental health should definitely apply for specialist support for the health of the jaw joints. Early diagnosis and treatment are important in terms of restoring health in a short time.


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