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What is ALS disease?

What is ALS disease?Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, is a rare group of neurological diseases caused primarily by damage to nerve cells responsible for controlling voluntary muscle movement.

Voluntary muscles are responsible for performing movements such as chewing, walking and speaking. ALS disease is progressive and symptoms tend to worsen over time. Currently, there is no treatment option to stop the progression of ALS or provide a complete cure, but research on this subject continues.

What are the symptoms of ALS?
The initial symptoms of ALS manifest differently in different patients. Someone may have trouble holding a pencil or coffee cup, while another may have problems with speaking. ALS is typically a progressive disease. 
The rate of progression of the disease varies considerably from patient to patient. Although the average survival time for ALS patients is 3 to 5 years, many patients live 10 or more years.

The most common early symptoms of ALS are:
• Stumbling while walking,
• Difficulty in carrying items,
• Distortion in speech,
• Swallowing problems,
• Cramps and stiffness in the muscles,
• Difficulty in keeping the head upright.
ALS can affect only one hand at first. Or you may have trouble with just one leg, making it difficult to walk in a straight line. Over time, almost all of the muscles you control become affected by the disease. Some organs, such as the heart and bladder muscles, remain completely healthy.
As ALS worsens, more muscles begin to show signs of the disease. Among the more advanced symptoms of the disease are:
• Severe weakness in the muscles,
• Reduction in muscle mass,
• There are symptoms such as an increase in chewing and swallowing problems.
 What is Passive Smoking, In Which Situations is Passive Smoker?
• Passive smoking is the name given to people who do not smoke but are frequently exposed to this smoke by people who smoke. It is formed by the smoke of tobacco products with a high rate of harmful substances in the smoke, such as cigarettes, hookahs or cigars used by people around. The dense and harmful smoke from these tobacco products harms non-smokers as much as people who smoke these substances. Thus, people who are exposed to cigarette smoke are called passive smokers. Unfortunately, awareness of this is only recently understood. It causes many diseases, including cancer.

What are the Harms of Passive Smoking?
• Passive smoking has many harms. It is especially harmful to pregnant women, children, babies and sick people. The harm done to people by passive smoking is too great to ignore. Exposure to too much tobacco products brings with it irreversible diseases and dangers. These damages are as follows:
• Passive smoking is very harmful to the person. These damages are:
• May cause lung cancer.
• It causes a heart attack.
• For pregnant women, it may even cause the loss of the baby.
• Babies under the influence of passive smoking may develop many different diseases.
• It causes more than one disease such as shortness of breath, sore throat, sensitivity in the eyes.
• If a person has asthma, secondhand smoke becomes much more dangerous.

• Children who are exposed to a lot of secondhand smoke have an increased risk of getting sick.

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