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What are the treatment and surgical methods of heart failure?

What are the treatment and surgical methods of heart failure?One of the most important issues in the treatment of heart failure is the habits that the patient will change in his life, namely lifestyle change.

At the beginning of these changes, it is very important that the salt consumption is below 2 g per day. Excessive use of salt will cause shortness of breath and swelling in the body. However, fluid consumption should also be under control. One of the things that needs to be done after these changes is drug therapy. Drug types can find 4 or 5 in some patients. The important thing is how many intervals and how much dose it will be given. Other surgical methods can also be performed. For example, if the cause is vascular occlusion, a solution can be sought with bypass treatment or stent. If the cause is related to the heart valve, valve repair or replacement can be performed with a surgical method. In end-stage heart failure or failure, heart transplants or heart pumps can be seen as a solution. They play an important role. Today and in our hospital, these solutions can be made by our multidisciplinary approach and our specialist physicians.

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