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WHAT IS PİTUİTARY ADENOMASThe pituitary gland is a special gland located in a pocket called sella just behind the nose and eyes, connected to the brain by a stem,

And which ensures the secretion of hormones and balancing in the body.
Tumors that develop in this gland and are usually benign are called “pituitary adenomas”. Some do not create any hormone imbalances and continue to grow silently. However, when they reach a certain size, they can cause headaches or vision problems by pressing on the optic nerves. Surgery is generally the treatment of choice in this type of pituitary adenomas that do not secrete hormones. Gamma knife treatment can also be applied in tumors that are caught early and do not contact the optic nerve.
Some of the pituitary adenomas cause excessive secretion of certain hormones and accordingly cause hormonal imbalances.

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