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What is PRP?

What is PRP?PRP ‘platelet Rich Plasma’ is the name given to the method of application of plasma enriched in the direction of platelets.

Prp is the process of centrifuging a very small amount of blood taken in a person in a special tube, separating it into its components after centrifugation, and injecting prp (plasma enriched in the direction of platelets) into the same person again.
PRP Application and Effects
For PRP preparation, first of all, a certain amount of blood is taken from the arm and this blood is rotated at a certain speed in a centrifugal device, separating the light yellow plasma and the red part of the red blood cells from each other.
The rich part of the coagulation cells containing important growth factors in the plasma is pulled out with an injector and injected into certain parts of the body, and thus the regeneration process begins in these areas.
What Gynecological Problems is Genital PRP Used for in Women?
• To increase sexual pleasure in Juniors,
* In the treatment of sexual aversion in women,
* Women with orgasm problems,
• When applied to the external genital area; Color lightening, tightening, fullness and recovery (removes wrinkles)
* In women with urinary incontinence problems,
• Especially menopausal patients, especially patients with complaints caused by vaginal atrophy;,
* PRP application is used in women with vaginal dryness and painful intercourse problems caused by it.

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