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What are the symptoms of vaginal discharge?

What are the symptoms of vaginal discharge?Learn more about vaginal-discharge

What are the symptoms of vaginal discharge?
If there are some other symptoms besides abnormal vaginal discharge, it is recommended to consult a doctor as soon as possible. Symptoms to watch out for are:
•             Fire
•             Bellyache
* Unexplained weight loss
•             Tired
* Frequent urination
If you are concerned about whether a discharge is normal, it is worthwhile to contact a medical institution.

How is vaginal discharge diagnosed?
When a doctor is consulted due to abnormal vaginal discharge, the patient is asked several questions about his medical history, complaints, menstrual cycle and sex life. Questions may include the following;
• When did the abnormal discharge start?
• What color is the discharge?
• Is there any smell?
• Is there itching, pain, or burning in or around the vagina?
• Do you have more than one sexual partner?
• By what method are you protected?
• Do you do vaginal douching?
Then a detailed physical examination is carried out, including a gynecological examination. At this time, a swab is also taken from the cervix to check for HPV or cervical cancer. In most cases, the presence of infection can be detected by physical and gynecological examination. If he can't diagnose the problem right away, some tests may be done. For this purpose, the sample taken from the discharge can be examined under a microscope to detect the causative microorganism.

How does vaginal discharge go away?
Treatment varies according to the factors that cause vaginal discharge. For example, if the discharge is due to yeast infections, it is usually treated with antifungal drugs that are applied to the vagina in the form of creams or gels. In the treatment of bacterial vaginosis, antibiotics are given orally or used with antibiotic creams. Trichomoniasis, on the other hand, is usually treated by oral intake of drugs called metronidazole (Flagil) or tinidazole (Tindamax). Here are some tips for preventing vaginal infections that can lead to abnormal discharge::
* The vagina should be washed regularly with mild soap and warm water.
* Never use scented soaps, perfumes.
* Vaginal douching or foam baths should be avoided.
* Cleaning after the toilet should always be from front to back to prevent bacteria from entering the vagina and causing an infection.
*100% cotton underwear should be preferred and excessively tight clothes should be avoided

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