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What is burnout syndrome?

What is burnout syndrome?The psychological disease called burnout syndrome was first defined in 1974 by Herbert Freudenberger as a state of burnout that occurs in the internal resources of an individual as a result of failure,

exhaustion, a decrease in the level of strength and energy, the formation of unsatisfied desires. Since the period when the disease was defined, many studies have been conducted on the syndrome and various diagnostic tests have been developed for the diagnosis of the disease. These diagnostic tests, which is one of scale, health literature by Christina who Health literature, the illness is "work-life demands by constantly exposed to intense emotional and physical exhaustion that can be seen in individuals who are face to face with people, prolonged fatigue, helplessness, and feelings of hopelessness, work, the reflection of a syndrome that occurs with negative attitudes towards life and other people has been described as". Burnout syndrome has also been included in the International Classification of Diseases list by the World Health Organization. An individual can handle, especially people who work with a tempo of work on the density, the burnout syndrome seen in individuals under stress, and intense individuals in self-forcing them to work under these conditions as a result of it begins to decline after a certain stage, and the disease begins to show itself. When we look at today's society, the recognition of this disease has been thrown by the appearance of famous people. Accordingly, it is seen that many people who struggle with the syndrome have doubts and awareness about their diseases.

What are the symptoms of burnout syndrome?
Many of the patients who experience burnout syndrome due to its slow and insidious progression do not need to contact medical institutions for examination. Since many people around the world have to struggle with difficult living conditions, these feelings can be seen as a normal part of life and an inevitable situation. This is one of the factors that makes it difficult to Decipher the disease. Unless the disease is treated, the severity of the disease increases as the current living conditions and stress continue, and pronounced symptoms begin to appear.

The most common symptoms of burnout syndrome can be listed as follows:
* Feeling of physical burnout
* Feeling of emotional burnout
* Negative thoughts that capture the person
• Pessimism
* Don't have trouble finishing simple tasks
* Cooling off from work
• Despair
• Don't feel worthless
* Decreased professional self-confidence
* Forgetfulness and absent-mindedness
* Constant feeling of fatigue and exhaustion
* Distraction
* Sleep problems
* Disorders related to the digestive system, such as constipation and diarrhea
* Heart palpitations and breathing difficulties
* Pains in certain parts of the body, including the head, back and legs
Apart from these reasons, it is possible to encounter many more person-specific symptoms of burnout syndrome. For this reason, people who see several of the symptoms given above should definitely undergo tests for burnout syndrome.

What are the causes of burnout syndrome?
When we look at the people in whom burnout syndrome is common, it is seen that many of them work in the service sector and are involved in an intense and stressful work pace. For this reason, busy work life and stress can be counted in the first place among the causes of burnout syndrome Dec. People who constantly have to make vital decisions that require high responsibility, compete with time in business life and are exposed to pressures in job training, work in rigorous jobs that require great sensitivity to small details, are at a higher risk of developing burnout syndrome than other individuals. But it should be known that this syndrome can also be encountered in people who are in a work and life pace that cannot be reconciled with any of these situations. Apart from these, some personal factors may also play a role in the development of the disease. People who have difficulty saying "No" to situations they don't want, who have a perfectionist personality and who are prone to making excessive sacrifices at work are more likely to develop this disease.

How is burnout syndrome diagnosed?
In order to diagnose burnout syndrome, first of all, the patient's detailed history should be taken. If the presence of the syndrome is suspected during examinations and interviews to be conducted by psychiatrists and psychologists, the Maslach Burnout Scale (MBI), also known as the burnout syndrome test, is applied. This inventory, which consists of various questions that measure topics such as emotional burnout, failure and depersonalization to the environment, allows a certain score to be obtained at the end of the test by scoring the answers. The obtained score informs whether the person has burnout syndrome or not, and if so, at what level. In some cases, burnout syndrome can coexist with Decadence, depression or other psychological illnesses. For this reason, paying due attention to the detailed psychological examination part is of great importance in terms of fully diagnosing the disease and increasing the success rate in treatment.

What are the burnout syndrome treatment methods?
Although burnout syndrome disrupts the social and psychological life of the individual, it is easy to treat and quite effective. Depending on the level of progression of the syndrome, the treatment process of the disease also varies. In non-severe cases, the syndrome can be largely eliminated by the measures that the individual will take on his own, the arrangements that he will make in his work life and social life. In order for this to be achieved, it is absolutely necessary that examinations related to mental health have been carried out. During these interviews, the factors that play a role in the emergence of the syndrome are determined and it is aimed to take measures against these factors during the treatment process. In cases where the syndrome is extremely aggravated and advanced, causing the person to be unable to continue their work life or daily life, drug treatment may be necessary if recommended by the physician. Following the arrangements for the factors that lead to the disease in the psychological treatment process, individuals should take care to devote sufficient time to themselves, to acquire hobbies and to make them a part of their lives. If there are problems that he raises in his head about business life, he should try to get these issues out of his head outside of work hours, in other words, leave the job at work. Getting enough rest, showing the necessary sensitivity to sleep patterns and a balanced diet are also very important during the treatment process. In addition, doing sports regularly also supports the process of combating burnout syndrome by causing the blood levels of hormones that provide a feeling of happiness to rise. Therefore, it is worthwhile to stick to it by determining a regular exercise plan.
Burnout syndrome is a condition that can heal on its own with small measures at the beginning, but if left untreated, it can progress and lead to much more serious health problems. For this reason, if an individual has burnout syndrome, it should be remembered that diagnosing this problem at an early stage and determining the treatment plan as soon as possible is of great importance in terms of treatment success. If you think that you are also suffering from burnout syndrome, you can immediately contact a health facility and consult with a psychiatrist who specializes in his field.

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