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​What tests determine the source of impotence?

​What tests determine the source of impotence?After listening to a detailed history of the patient, the type of sexual dysfunction is determined.

Following this process, a physical examination is performed. physical examination; It is not limited to the evaluation of the genital organ, but includes a complete systemic examination. After the evaluation of the genital area; It is also observed whether the patient's hair growth, beard structure and breast growth develops. When blood pressure measurement and body mass index will be calculated; Prostate examination should also be done for people with urination and premature ejaculation problems and for patients over 50 years of age. After the physical examination is over; Tests that reveal risks such as atherosclerosis, diabetes or hormonal disorder are performed. The following tests are performed for patients who apply with the complaint of impotence:
Biochemical tests: Measurement of serum lipid levels, fasting blood glucose, and HbA1C tests that provide information about the 3-month average of blood sugar in cases where it is clear that diabetic is present.
Hormonal tests: Measurement of serum testosterone level.

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